7 Astonishing Greece Islands

November 13, 2019
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7 Astonishing Greece Islands that only the locals know about

Greece is the perfect place to be for an unforgettable hideaway. The country’s stunning archipelago draws in huge crowds throughout the year. This means that you will have to research a little further for some “me-time”, of peace and tranquility.

This blog will get you covered and help you find your little patch of paradise in the Greek Islands.

Here is a List of 7 Astonishing Greece Islands

1. Naxos

It is the Greenest Island of The Cyclades, Naxos the high mountains and fertile valleys make for a relaxing and exciting vacation destination. The capital, Chora, is a vibrant town which adds a cosmopolitan vibe to the beach. Also, you will get to see a lot of historical places including some of the astonishing relics.

Naxos island greece

Naxos will not disappoint the foodies. Its potatoes, cheese, local lemon-citron spirit, and Kitron, are enough motivations for the foodies to visit this place.

The larger than life golden-sand beaches will leave you spoiled for choices. Naxos is the place to be for a lazy-beachy hangout or a day full of adventure sports, some of which are, windsurfing, kitesurfing, horse ride and many more.

 2. Kythira

Kythira islands Greece

It is one of the most secluded islands in the world. What this means is that you will surely get a quiet place to sit in peace. Kythira is situated across the crossroads of the meeting point of the Ionian and the Mediterranean Sea. On this island, you can enjoy natural cascades that create a serene landscape.

You can enjoy your morning swim at the cold and turquoise waters of the Fonissas cascade, to leave you rejuvenated and ready for the rest of the day. Although, if you prefer warmer waters, head to the warmer beaches and wash away all your stresses. Some of the famous beaches include Kalami and Palaiopi, where according to folklore, Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty is said to be born.

3. Ithaca

Odysseus, a Greek mythical hero, after spending more than 20 years, to find a home, chose Ithaca to be his land that he was yearning for, for such a long time. Ithaca is a beautiful island, with some of the most amazing beaches that are too-charming-to-be-real. You will also find plenty of shopping stores to shop for souvenirs and restaurants, where you can gobble on to some of the finest quality food in its remarkable capital, Vathi.

Here you can pay a visit to the famous Schinos beach, and find the renowned Villa Schinos, where the famous Beach Boys, Madonna and the cast of the musical “Mama Mia” found shelter.

It is a place to be for the Scuba divers and if you are lucky enough, you may find the Mediterranean Monk Seal relaxing in its rocky coasts. 

4. Ikaria

Ikaria island Greece

The Ikaria or Nikaria, as called by the local folk, is labeled as a wonder, even among the Greeks. Time is an abstract concept here, people here are unwilling to acknowledge time and stress remains a theoretical concept as well. People living here, try to enjoy every small moment in life and some are said to have speculated the meaning of life.

It is not surprising that Ikaria is considered one of the “Blue Zones” (a place where people live the longest and healthiest lives) in the world.

It is a must visit island, if you are seeking a unique and tranquil getaway. You never know, it can even change your mindset towards life, about how to live it.

5. Karpathos

Karpathos stands in between Crete and Rhodes, immersed in centuries of history. This island, with its flawless vegetation and craggy beauty, is waiting to be explored. Karpathos is famous for its picturesque villages and eccentric sandy beaches. Although the island in its southern periphery has attracted some tourists from all over the world, the other parts have remained intact and authentic, away from the masses.

Also, do not be surprised, if you see women wearing traditional dresses and baking bread in outdoor ovens, the medieval traditions are still alive in the village Olympos, which was built around the 9th century.

6. Samothrace

It is commonly known as The Island on Edge. It is a place for mountain climbers and explorer, who are seeking a break from the clogged Aegean island spots. 

Although, the most noteworthy thing about Samothrace is its cascades, with their “natural pools” (lakes created by a waterfall in the rock hollows, that look a lot like crystal balls of water). Just gather your courage and go for a swim in the refreshing waters of some of the famous pools here, like ‘Fonia’ and ‘Gria Vathra’

But do not worry if you prefer to swim in lukewarm waters, take your swimming kit and head to some of the renowned beaches here, like the Paxia Ammos, Valtos or the Kipos beach.

7. Lichadonisia

Lichadonisia island greece

Popularly known as the Bahamas of Greece and not too far away from the capital of Athens, it is a glamorous paradise, surprisingly known only to the locals. Lichadonisia is the second largest island in Greece, made of a group of small islands formed by volcanic activity.

The islands are not inhabited, making you crave even more, to visit this destination. It will take some extra effort to reach here, but once you reach there you will know that the effort was all worth it.

For many travelers, an island on the horizon, a sand or pebble coast, and the pleasant beach is what they expect from a vacation at the Greek islands. But, do not stop at this, venture a little further and find some of the most untraversed monasteries, villages, museums and experience the world’s most picturesque landscapes.

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