Dubai to Kuwait

Dubai to Kuwait Flights – From City of Gold to The Shore of The Persian Gulf

It’s hard not to respect Dubai for its relentless verve, desire and capacity to conjure up and acknowledge ventures that somewhere else could never get off the planning phase. This is a superlative-wanting society that has birthed daringly high structures and palm-shaped islands. Dubai is a top retail frequent that hosts not one but rather two immense yearly shopping celebrations. Shopping is a recreation activity here, and shopping centers are considerably more than simply accumulations of stores. And from here, people love to continue their journey by travelling in Dubai to Kuwait Flights.

Topographically, Kuwait lies far enough away from the Gulf venture, toward the south to mean there are less visitors here. The outcome? An all the more really Arab feel to the nation. Kuwait stays a desert spring in a place where there is desert fields, and guests might be surprised by the charming attractions on offer, from great exhibition halls and displays to a fine souq, to a cornice with sea shores and vivacious restaurants. So it is a great choice to be on Dubai to Kuwait Flights and explore the great livelihood of this amazing place.

Dubai to Kuwait Flights Flying Daily Between These Two Places

There are a lot of flights connecting passengers between these two destinations. If we look on direct Dubai to Kuwait Flights, then there are 4 airlines that provides direct flights between these destinations. And there are more than 150 flights that fly in a week between the two places. It is all because of the popularity of the place, that many tourists travel to Kuwait even in the off-season.

The 2 connecting airports are –

  • Dubai International Airport – It is the primary airport serving Dubai and is used by millions of travellers. The Dubai to Kuwait Flights take off from all the three terminals. The ambience of the airport is just world class just as the city itself.
  • Kuwait International Airport – It is a very royal airport that is on 15 kms south of Kuwait City. There is a dedicated team of experts there to resolve all your travelling concerns. The aura of the place is just amazing and there are well-maintained waiting lounges as well there.

The major airlines that have frequent Dubai to Kuwait Flights are –

  • Jazeera Airways – It is a Kuwaiti airline that mostly operates in the Middle East and Europe. Travellers prefer this airlines because of the amazing hospitality of the cabin crew and the services that are provided onboard. There are non-stop Dubai to Kuwait Flights daily.
  • Emirates – This is the most royal airlines probably in the whole world. It is a Dubai based airline and flies to destinations across the globe. Being one of the most famous routes, there are Dubai to Kuwait Flights in frequent intervals.
  • Kuwait Airways – It is the national carrier of Kuwait and has very royal flights. The services offered onboard are also world class. And the airfares on Dubai to Kuwait Flights are also significantly low and this is the reason for the preference of this airlines.

The airfares of different airlines that have Dubai to Kuwait Flights are compared below –

Airlines Route Duration Approx. Time Stoppage
Jazeera Dubai to Kuwait 2h 5m 157.39 USD Non-stop
Kuwait Airways Dubai to Kuwait 2h 5m 191.97 USD Non-stop
Flydubai Dubai to Kuwait 1h 50m 193.34 USD Non-stop
Emirates Dubai to Kuwait 1h 50m 208.32 USD Non-stop
Gulf Air Dubai to Kuwait 3h 40m 224.65 USD 1 stop
Saudia Dubai to Kuwait 11h 25m 279.11 USD 1 stop
Pegasus Dubai to Kuwait 22h 50m 353.18 USD 1 stop
Oman Air Dubai to Kuwait 4h 40 m 358.62 USD 1 stop
MEA Dubai to Kuwait 8h 50m 388.58 USD 1 stop
Royal Jordanian Dubai to Kuwait 16h 40m 700.45 USD 1 stop
EgyptAir Dubai to Kuwait 39h 35m 905.41 USD 2 stop

Jaw-Dropping Deals On Dubai to Kuwait Flights

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  1. How many major airports are there in Dubai and Kuwait?
    There is one major international airport in Dubai – Dubai International Airport and one in Tokyo – Kuwait International Airport.
  2. How many direct Dubai to Kuwait Flights are there?
    There are 4 non-stop airlines that fly directly between these destinations.
  3. How many Dubai to Kuwait Flights fly daily and weekly?
    There are over 150 flights that fly weekly and over 15 daily flights daily between these two airports.
  4. What is the Dubai to Kuwait Flights duration?
    It takes 2hr 10min on average and varies depending upon the airlines.
  5. What is the lowest airfare that I can get on Dubai to Kuwait Flights?
    If you book tickets in advance, you can get tickets in 160 USD.
My Personal Experience On Dubai to Kuwait Flights

Well the thing is according to my personal experience I would recommend Emirates. As last year I myself had a trip to Kuwait along with my family and the experience was so beautiful that I can’t even express it in words. And to make my trip amazing the Emirates Airlines played a huge role. Their facilities were just awesome. They provided so much that too in my pocket friendly prices. Also the services at the Kuwait International Airport were great.

So if you are looking for an amazing flying experience from Dubai to Kuwait Flights, then Emirates have been my first choice since then. And will recommend the same and hope that you also experience the same luxury that I did.