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Choosing Belfast as your destination is the idea for the vacation. Belfast is the destination that serves a large number of tourists whole year round.

Largely known today for the shooting locations and sets of the famous series Games Of Thrones.

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The Major Attractions Of The City

The major attraction of the city is the Titanic Belfast, the museum where the original Titanic was built. Six story museum built as large as the Titanic serves as an exhibition gallery, gigantic rides, and an underwater cinema.

Black Taxi tour guided by the cab drivers giving the history and brief of every tourist spot. The botanic gardens of the city are one to view. Many other spots like Belfast City Hall, St. George’s Market, Ulster Museum, and cave hill country park are famous for tourist visits and exploration. The MAC is also a spot to be explored for music, art, and fun.

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Best Time To Take Flights To Belfast

Summer season is the best time to explore Belfast. This time the weather is pleasant, neither hot nor cold. The city Marathon is also held at this time. While the autumn time is good to view the city with clear and in a new way. The pubs and hotels have fest this time.

Thus, whenever you feel like visiting Belfast, you should instantly check out Flights To Belfast and book a ticket. The city can entertain you anytime in the whole year.

How Can You Arrive In Belfast?

The city is served by two airports. Belfast International Airport is the main airport. As the name suggests, serving both domestic as well as international flights. The Airlines served on the airport includes all the major airlines of the industry offering Flights To Belfast.

The other airport is George Best Belfast City Airport that serves only domestic Flights To Belfast. It is situated 2 miles away from the city center, while the international airport is 20 miles away. The Flights To Belfast offered by any of the airlines from the UK and Ireland are served as domestic.

Major Flights To Belfast To Board

If you are planning for a vacation to Belfast for the first time, then you might not know about the flights. There are a large number of Flights To Belfast, which are offered by the major airlines of the industry. But, not all airlines provide direct flight or their own flight.

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Majorly found Flights To Belfast are from:

  • British Airway
  • Finnair
  • Air France
  • Etihad
  • Virgin Atlantic

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