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What To Do In Faro?

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Faro city gives you many sides of Portugal to explore like Ria Formosa Natural Park, which is lagoon of salt mud. Here you can explore on boat rides. In the mid of the city, you can find the clock tower and Sé cathedral. One can find many beaches, but the most famous is the Praia de Faro. The Palace of Estoi and Roman ruins of Milreu can be visited if you travel to respective nearby villages. Bars, pubs and other fun places are there in the mid of the town.

Airports in Faro For Your Reaching

The city has only one airport in the city itself. The airport is known all over the world as Faro International Airport and also as Algarve Airport. It was marked as the main hub for the international  Flights To Faro in the year 2010.

The other major airports in Portugal are Lisbon and Porto. These two airports, in inclusion with Faro, offer the services for international flights. They are also serving the domestic flying requirements of the country. There are other domestic airports too in the city.

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  • Lufthansa
  • Frontier Airlines
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