How Can I Increase the Size of My Penis?

Men have unrealistic expectations about their penis size, especially when it comes to erection strength. However, there are several techniques available to help men increase their penis size. These include erectile strength exercises and treatments, and some internet techniques. The popularity of porn has also added to the unrealistic expectations. So, if you’ve ever wondered, “How can you get a bigger penis?”, keep reading!


When performing exercises to increase the size of your penis, you should hold the position for at least five minutes. The aim is to stretch out the penis by applying mild pressure on the base. This exercise can be performed in either a standing or sitting position. It is recommended that you do this exercise once or twice a day for maximum results. If you experience pain during the exercise, stop immediately. If it continues to cause discomfort, consult a doctor.

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Before starting an exercise, make sure you know where your penis muscles are located. They can be located on the side of your penis. You can also do it while sitting down, although standing up will improve your control over the penis. Be sure to consult a professional if you are uncertain about the right position. You should repeat this exercise for at least 20 minutes every day. The goal is to achieve an elongated penis within a month.


If you’re looking for ways to improve the size of your penis, you should eat foods rich in Omega 3 vitamin. These nutrients are essential for the body, and your penis can’t make them on its own. Consuming fish regularly will increase your penis’ size, and salmon is an excellent choice for this purpose. As a bonus, salmon is also good for your heart and mental health, so it’s a good choice for penis enlargement, too.

High-protein foods like pork, oysters, raw eggs, and porridge are high in arginine, which increases blood circulation in the penis. Also, cruciferous vegetables, like broccoli, can be good for your penis. Ginger is a common root vegetable, and it can help prevent cardiovascular disease and improve blood circulation. It can also help with colds and even fight the effects of stress.


You can use a pump to enlarge your penis, but you must follow some precautions to avoid injury. Before using a pump, men should warm up their penile muscles and remove any pubic hair. They should also exercise the penile tissues to stimulate blood flow. Pumps can be used during solo masturbation or intercourse. Pumping is not dangerous, but it is best performed under the supervision of a physician or health care professional.

Using a pump will only enlarge your penis temporarily. It will swell up temporarily and go back to its normal size after a while. If you are unhappy with your penis size, a pump is not the answer. Some groups selling penis pumps say that it works by causing microtears in the penile tissues, which the body will repair by growing new cells.

Severing the suspensory ligament

The most common procedure for increasing the length of your penis is known as a suspensory ligament transaction. This involves cutting the ligaments that connect the penile shaft to the pubic bone. After the surgery, the penis will hang lower than it did before, creating a longer, sexier look. This procedure can lengthen your penis by about one to three centimeters. It may cause some erection instability and scarring. You may also have to refrain from performing any strenuous activities for the first month after the procedure.

Severing the suspensory ligament is a risky procedure. It can leave your penis pointing downwards and can even cause a lopsided erection. Also, the surgery can damage the nerve in your penis, making it less stable and decreasing your ability to have sex. In addition, you should be aware that there are risks and side effects associated with Severing the suspensory ligament to increase the size of my penis.

Penile extenders

Some extenders are designed to stimulate cytokinesis, a process that produces new tissue in the penis. Increased blood flow causes penile cells to grow. By increasing blood flow, the penis grows longer and thicker. Using a penis extender can cause significant increases in the size of your penis. It should be worn for 4 to 6 hours a day, depending on the device you purchase. Follow the instructions on the package to achieve the maximum result.

When shopping for a penis extender, check the reputation of the manufacturer. A manufacturer’s reputation is important for the products they produce, so look for a company that complies with the industry’s standards and follows its own manufacturing procedures. Also, check for the money-back guarantee. This shows that the manufacturer stands behind their products and cares about the satisfaction of its customers. Our list includes products with a money-back guarantee. This guarantee allows customers to return the product if the product doesn’t meet expectations or fails to produce the expected results.

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