What is Radon Testing?

Why is Radon Testing so important to the success of a Radon mitigation or to the home seller? What are the results of Radon Testing? How is it performed and who is part of the Portland Radon Reduction team? Who should be part of the mitigation team and why? These questions are some of the many that arise from radon testing Portland, Oregon and must be answered to provide the information needed by homeowners and real estate agents before they commit to a Radon mitigation kit.

How is Radon measured? Measurements are performed using non-intrusive methodology. The measurement is done at various locations inside the home, including the basement and exterior walls where the Radon gas is concentrated during the decay process of radium. There are several different types of Radon measurement equipment including gas detection systems and Radon counters.

What are the results of a Radon test? Once the home has been completed for Radon mitigation, the test team will complete another Radon test to check the accuracy of the previous measurement. This second test is usually performed outside the home. A trained individual will place a measuring device near the exterior walls and inside the home and then calculate the concentration of Radon gas inside the home.

Who is a part of the Radon mitigation testing team? Any certified professional engineer, architect, soil specialist, or licensed radon mitigation consultant is on a team. They are certified in the testing of Radon by obtaining specialized certification from the Radon Reduction Institute. Their job is to ensure that the Radon levels are maintained below the safety level during the decay process of radium so there will not be an increase in lung cancer when compared with someone who does not live in a home with Radon gas.

How is testing done? A licensed professional will have a gas measuring device similar to what might be used on a building site. The person will place the home for Radon mitigation inside a room, basement or any other area where Radon can accumulate. The person will also do a visual inspection of the home to determine if radon has caused damage to surfaces in the home.

How is the Radon Testing done for the Portland Team for Radon Mitigation? Testing is done at the Radon Reduction Institute in lieu of an independent laboratory or independent contractor. When the home has been finalized for Radon mitigation, the test team will then survey the home with a trained professional and use instruments to measure the amount of Radon gas in the home. The report from the Radon Testing will provide a detailed log of the results as well as the conclusion that Radon is being managed effectively in the home.